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Cosmetic Dentistry (Actual Photos of patients at our clinic)

Why should I get resin fillings instead of silver fillings like I have?

Silver fillings have been a common fix for decayed or broken teeth over the last century, probably because gold fillings were too expensive for most people. But the silver fillings, over time, corrode, blacken and crack teeth as they expand; they seem to do more damage than help. Tooth-colored resin fillings, however, have a much more natural appearance and the adhesive material used to bond the resin to the tooth can make the broken/decayed tooth stronger than before!

Why should I get a crown?

If you have a broken or decayed tooth, here are two great reasons to get it capped with a dental crown. First, your teeth affect the appearance of your smile and your face. The teeth in your mouth actually support the muscles in your face; a broken tooth might affect the muscle strength in your face, affecting your appearance. Second, crowns act like your normal teeth. They keep your jaw and bite aligned, and ensure that the rest of your teeth do not shift or carry more than their share of the load during biting and chewing.

Are you a good candidate for Cosmetic Dentistry?

One answer to this question, is, “the best way to know if you are a good candidate for this is to ask yourself, 1. Are you 100% happy with your smile?” It really is a good question though. If you are 100% happy, that is great. If you are not, then you can make a change. It is easier than ever to enhance your smile.

What is the most popular Cosmetic Dentistry treatment undergone by patients?

Tooth Whitening is probably the most popular Cosmetic procedure available today. This is the case as Tooth Whitening can be the quickest, most effective way to enhance the appearance of your smile. Lightening teeth within just one consultation; Tooth Whitening can transform the effects of aging and discoloration.

What can I do to improve the appearance of my smile?

If your teeth become damaged, lost or simply worn over time, there are a number of options available to treat these problems.
If teeth are lost, then Dental Implants, Dentures or Bridges may be an option for you. If a tooth needs rebuilding, then Crowns, Inlays or Onlays could be the solution. For cosmetic changes, Tooth Whitening, Veneers and Bonding are amongst some of the treatments that you could consider. During your initial consultation, we will evaluate your dental condition and work with you to determine the best treatment option for your individual situation.