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Dental Implants - Teeth that look and feel like your own

Dental Implants (Actual Photos of patients at our clinic)

These are the most modern method of replacing missing teeth. The Dental Implants are restorative dentistry options for patients who need to replace one or more teeth that makes them similar to conventional options, like bridges, partials, and full dentures, but implants also do something these others don’t—besides replacing your missing teeth, dental implants also replace your missing tooth roots. That’s a key difference. By replacing your missing tooth roots, dental implants can help you prevent bone loss in your jaw. As a result, you end up with a strong, supportive smile that feels absolutely natural, something traditional bridges, partials, and full dentures can’t do.

Research shows that 85 percent of people who wear full or partial dentures experience some related discomfort and difficulty. Dental implants can eliminate those problems, restore self-confidence and improve the quality of life. From a single missing tooth to an entire set of teeth, dental implants can provide a permanent alternative to problem dentures, and help prevent the premature loss of remaining teeth. Dental implants can last a lifetime and are an excellent investment in oral health.

Dental Implants (Actual Photos of patients at our clinic)

Placement of dental implants is a minor surgical procedure whereby Implants are placed beneath the gums. They are left for a period varying from 3 to 6 months so that the bone attaches to them and permanently anchors them within your jaw. A second, simple surgery is performed to uncover them and attach a post to support your replacement teeth. The decision to replace the teeth in 3 or 6 months depends on a number of clinical factors, such as the amount of available bone and location of the implants. In the meantime, we adjust your full denture or partial prosthesis for temporary use.

Dental implants are one of the most popular and effective restorative dentistry services available at Dr. Arora’s Dental Square. Dr. Arora is doing this right in his dental office, using his Post-Graduation in Prosthodontics & Fellowship in Implantology from Nobel Biocare Sweden. If you would like to discuss the various tooth replacement options available at Dr. Arora’s Dental Square with Dr. Arora, give us a call today.


GOSTA LARSSON is the first patient in the world to get a titanium dental implant by Professor Branemark in Sweden in 1965. After 43 years in function his implants failed in 2008 because he passed away.