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Dental Lasers

A Gigantic leap towards non-invasive dentistry

Lasers have revolutionized the field of medicine & surgery, making life easier for the physician &patient alike. Now, they have made their mark in dentistry as well. Lasers have found a number of applications in the field of dentistry viz.

In Root Canal Treatment (RCT), Lasers can sterilize the canals of all the bacteria & pulp remnants by reaching the inaccessible areas like the curvaceous apical 1/3rd, accessory canals &dentinal tubules where the conventional RCT instruments & irrigants can’t reach. This has made the success rate of laser assisted RCT almost 100%.Also teeth with a history of recurrent infections even after repeated RCT’s can be cured through laser treatment.

Gums disease leads to loss of attachment of gums from the tooth/Root resulting in gum recession, periodontal pockets& resultant hypersensitivity of teeth. Traditional treatment for this condition is periodontal surgery. This would involve resection &repositioning of gums to reduce the depth of the pocket (a space between the teeth & gums where infection grows). However, the new technology- LASER PERIODONTAL TREATMENT is about as easy as erasing a blackboard, there is no cutting& no suturing. It takes less time than traditional surgery& there is no discomfort during & after the process. Following traditional surgery recovery can take between 2-4 weeks during which patients can experience considerable pain & swelling, where they may be restricted to soft & liquid diet, whereas one can immediately go to work in laser gum treatment. Application of lasers along with routine scaling &curettage provides relief from bleeding, edematous & suppurative gums. Lasers induce the reattachment of gum to the teeth, thereby reducing the mobility of teeth & the hypersensitivity associated with root exposure.

Minor Oral Surgeries like frenectomies, gingivectomies, excision of fibromas & gingival epulis can be undertaken under topical anesthesia only with the help of dental lasers. Also the incisions made through lasers are bloodless & need no suturing. Pain associated with Apthous&Herpetic ulcers of oral cavity can be alleviated with the application of lasers at a low intensity. Lasers reduce the healing time &prevent the recurrence of such ulcers.

Laser depigmentation - some dark skinned individuals have melanin pigments on their gums. These can result in an undesirable appearance. to the pinkish gums. Through lasers these pigments can be removed painlessly and in one office visit

Apart from the aforesaid usage dental laser is a blessing for children& the apprehensive patient with fear of dental chair & injections. It is a step forward in making dentistry non invasive i.e. painless, bloodless &stitch less.