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Single/Multiple Dental Implants

Single/Multiple Dental Implants (Actual Photos of patients at our clinic)

Dental Implant Process

Dental implants prove to be a safe, comfortable and a permanent solution for the replacement of single teeth, multiple teeth or all teeth.

Single Tooth Replacement: Requires the placement of a single dental implant in the region of the missing tooth, followed by a crown (artificial tooth) over it.

Multiple Tooth Replacement: Depending upon the number of missing teeth, the same number or a fewer number of dental implants might be required. For example, the replacement of 3 teeth can be carried out using a 3 unit bridge placed over 2 implants.

Replacement of All Teeth: Replacement of all teeth can be carried out either by the placement of implant supported dentures or by the placement of multiple unit bridges placed over implants.

Depending upon the treatment stages, numerous dental implant systems are available today. At Dr. Arora's we treat all our patients using the most advanced systems at the most competitive prices.

Treatment Duration:

1. Two stage / delayed dental implants :- The replacement is completed in 2 stages which are spread over an interval of minimum 3 months. The first stage involves the placement of the implant and requires one to two sittings. The second stage involves the placement of the artificial tooth (crown).

2. One stage / immediate dental implants :- Requires just one stage for the placement of the implant and crown.

While dentures and partials can be a great, affordable solution to the problem of missing teeth, Dr. Arora encourages his patients to learn more about dental implants as another option for tooth replacement. Dental implants have the added bonus of being permanent, and they help support overall jaw health. Dental implants provide the most natural results available for tooth replacement, mirroring the function of your own teeth by using titanium posts implanted in the jaw bone as tooth roots. When you lose a tooth, you also lose the root, and this can cause long term jaw problems from bone loss. Dental implants support your jaw bone, preventing loss and keeping your bite stable.Porcelain crowns top off your dental implants, completing your smile and giving back your ability to speak and eat normally, and Dr. Arora’s Dental Square makes this procedure affordable and convenient for its patients.