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Full Mouth Rehabilitation (Actual Photos of patients at our clinic)

In dental spa package, we offer the various facets of cosmetic and restorative dentistry for each member of your family .We provide you a calm and tranquil environment for all your dental procedures. We believe that dental visit should be positive and as relaxing as a visit to the spa. We at Dr. Arora’s Dental Square combine the highest level of technology with the most relaxing ambience where you will be welcomed warmly by our friendly team of qualified & experienced doctors.

The soothing aroma of the essential oils and the soft serene music will touch your senses and will help elevate you from the anxiety that we all have before any dental procedures. We promise you that your dental visit will be a memorable one! And also we ensure that you will carry a smile, which you would like to flaunt and recommend to everybody around you. 'Spa dentistry' helps put you at ease and we feel it is a nicer way to treat people and we know that if you are comfortable in visiting our Spa, we would have a greater opportunity to also welcome your friends and family.We welcome feedback and deal promptly with any complaints.

Dental SPA program for would-be brides and grooms

It's the one day in your life when everything, just everything has to be perfect. From your hair to your make up to your clothes to your shoes. And it’s not an easy task ensuring that you look that way. A lot of careful planning and a little of pain goes into creating the perfect look for the special day.
You will undoubtedly pay great attention to diet for that perfect figure, to skin for that glow. But what about your teeth for that perfect smile?
So while you'll be reinventing your figure to fit into your marvelous attire, don't neglect your smile. Remember it'll share the spotlight with you. As the gracious and demure bride & groom you'll have a lot of smiling to do, and no designer outfit, however gorgeous it may be will come to your rescue.
So don't let your smile let you down.
A good dental job can do amazing transformation in your face. It would be wise to get an appointment with us a few months before the wedding. Don't wait for the last moment and take appointment right now.
Let us at Dr arora dental square attend to those cavities and get a root canal done if necessary. That's as far as the vital aspects are concerned. On the aesthetic front, there's a lot that cosmetic dentistry can do to give you a beautiful million-dollar smile.
We will first study your facial structure and then work on your teeth so that they will flatter your face. You can get your smile tailor-made for you. Whether it's small teeth you want, or an endearing, overlapping incisor, nothing is impossible these days.
Porcelain Veneers:- The dentist grinds down the front of the tooth surface and then the porcelain is bonded to the tooth. The technique is similar to putting on false nails. The results are the teeth become lighter, spaces between them can be closed, and the shape of the teeth can be changed. The procedure can be done for one or all of your front teeth, but is not usually used for the back teeth.
Porcelain Crowns (caps):- Crowns can be done on any tooth, both front and back, but if there are large fillings on the front teeth, you will need crowns as opposed to a veneer. The process is similar to that of veneers, except you have to grind down the entire tooth, and then a cover or cap is made to cover each tooth. The procedure can be more time-consuming, but the overall effect is excellent.
Direct Bonding:-With this method, the dentist does not grind the teeth. A white material is directly applied (bonded) to an existing tooth. This procedure affords an improvement in cosmetics, but is not as aesthetic as porcelain. This is a less expensive procedure than veneers or crowns.
Bleaching:- Bleaching your teeth can change the color to several shades lighter. There are a number of techniques used. The take-home method uses custom-made trays. The procedure takes about two weeks. You place the bleach in the trays each night, slip the trays on your teeth and sleep with them. In-office bleaching is another procedure which involves a light-activated bleach that is put on the teeth.
We also use lasers to bleach teeth which do not cause any hypersensitivity.

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  • I had just a few teeth remaining in my mouth .I could hardly eat anything. I had been to other dentists where I was advised extractions of all my remaining teeth, followed by dentures... Satnam Kaur 63/F
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  • My mother was blind for past many years, apart from other problems associated with blindness, also had a bad oral condition. Most of her teeth had been decayed & her condition was ... Anil Jain 42/M
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  • I was suffering from bleeding gums & bad breath. It was becoming very embarrassing as I was unable to attend to my social commitments due to lack of confidence. I was very hesitant to approach... Mukesh Kumar 40/M
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  • I had wide gaps in between my upper front teeth. It made me very conscious about my looks & smile. I always hesitated from getting my pictures clicked until one day my friend took me to Dr. Arora’s... Priyanka 23/F
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  • I had lost all my teeth at the age of 50. Eating my food had become issue. I got two complete denture fabricated from two dentists but was unable to put them for more than an hour. I was feeling so helpless Ved Prakash 65/M
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  • I had come from Iraq to pursue my engineering from MMU Mullana. I had already received crowns on my upper anterior two teeth but was not happy with their looks and colour disparity.They were... Waleed Abbas Noorie 28/M
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  • I had badly malaligned teeth but now I am delighted. I have perfectly straight white teeth. Dr. Arora has done an excellent job and I couldn’t be happier. The atmosphere here is very relaxing and comfortable ... Neha Sharma 18/F
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  • My marriage was due in 15 days but I was very unhappy with my pale yellow teeth. To my good luck I stepped into Dr. Arora’s Dental Square .Here I was recommended Advanced Zoom Tooth ... Ramanpreet Kaur 23/F
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  • I was diagnosed with carcinoma of left breast six months back & due to repeated sessions of radiotherapy I lost all my teeth. My whole facial profile was lost ! It was so depressing…….But then I came ... Saroj garg 47/F
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  • I came to Dr. Arora almost ten years ago . My daughter had caries in almost all her permanent teeth . She used to cry all day & night & was unable to eat anything . Her health was deteriorating... Paramjeet kaur 42/F
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  • I had wide gaps in between my upper front teeth. It made me very conscious about my looks & smile. I always hesitated from getting my pictures clicked until one day my friend took me to Dr. Arora’s.. Thankx……
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  • I come all the way from Italy for my dental treatment at Dr Arora’s Dental Square.It is a one - stop clinic for all dental problems. I have got done implants fixed from Dr.Arora along with some cosmetic... Mr.Nirmal Singh 40/M
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Actual Photos of Patients at Our Clinic