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Teeth in an Hour

Do you need new teeth but do not want to wait for months to get them? If you wear dentures, have missing teeth, or teeth that cannot be saved, our office is now offering a revolutionary, cutting edge solution to the long waits and painful side effects of traditional teeth replacement. Teeth-in-an-hour will give you complete dental implants or teeth replacements in about an hour. Typically those in need of teeth replacement would have multiple, often painful surgeries over many months to get what can now be done in a fraction of that time.

With teeth-in-an-hour (computer guided dental implants), it is now possible to have functional and aesthetic implanted teeth in one treatment session, with the benefits of immediate function, shortened treatment time and better clinical efficiency.

'Nobel Guide' from Nobel Biocare enables the transformation of a patient's x-rays into a three dimensional digitised model. This allows the implantologist to pre-plan the treatment and place the implants safely and accurately using a computer generated surgical stent(fabricated in Sweden). Most of the times, the same digitised model can be used to fabricate the actual teeth to be fitted at the same time as the implant surgery.